I read for you MEIN KAMPF d’Adolf HITLER

a14Warning – Mein Kampf, of course, is a reprehensible book in many ways. It is particularly based on the most primitive instincts of the human being to build a political program based on racial preference. But must, however, prohibit its publication, reading? I am among those who argue for a negative answer to this question and this for several reasons.

First, it is a document of exceptional historic importance since it is the witness, first hand, of HITLER. Second, the ban would lead to the creation of a myth, a grail, a mystery that eventually fascinate fragile souls.

It seems best to allow free access to Mein Kampf , so it can be debunked methodically through critical reading and dismantling the arguments advanced by the author. One can not be against censorship except when it suits us … but everyone can form their own opinion …

What is Mein Kampf?