What is Wahhabism ?

kaba.jpgThe Saudi Arabia is the main responsible for the diffusion of the dark side of Islam : Wahhabism. But Arabia is not alone. Westerners, foremost among them the United States, for simplicity, by interest miscalculated, also have their share of responsibility…

What is Wahhabism ?

Today sitting on a hoard of 2,000 billion, Saudi Arabia may see coming … It gets slowly but surely its deadly ideology in Molenbeeck in Saint-Denis or in Syria.

The United States, obsessed with the communist threat during the forty years of Cold War, helped produce a time bomb that explodes everywhere today in the West.

Back on this story that makes Wahhabism public enemy number one.

What is Wahhabism?

Wahhabism is a homecoming of Islam Sunni. It is based on the sacred texts (Qur’an and Hadith) by excluding all exegetes or subsequent interpretations.  Wahhabism is named after Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab , founder of the current in the eighteenth century. Preaching in the Arabian Peninsula, he clung to denounce idol worship and pleaded for a return to the sources of Islam, the imitation of the Prophet, that is to say a long list of prohibitions. Contested by the Notables, he allied himself with a young Warchief, Prince Saud, with the help of which he emerged.  Wahhabism however long remained confined to the Peninsula.

During the First World War, English made the choice of Saud against the power that then dominated the Middle East : the Ottoman Empire allied to Germany of William II. It was a success. Lawrence of Arabia managed to unite the Arab tribes and drive the Ottomans, leaving the field open to Saud and their associated: Wahhabism. It could have stopped there, with quite a minority ideology in the Muslim world. But they found oil on peninsulia soils… In 1932, on a carpet of petrodollars, the Saudi kingdom was founded.

United States, first supporters of Wahhabism

The First World War showed how much oil was needed for the expansion of any modern society. So it was natural to Arabia that the United States sent emissaries. Quincy Pact (1945) sealed the terrible alliance between the two countries: the verse had just entered the fruit. United States offered to Saud military protection (especially against the Soviet Union allied with Nasser) in exchange for exclusive oil exploitation. The Covenant was obscenely rich kingdom and enable him to conquer, 50 years later, the world with his nauseating ideology. In 1948, Defense Secretary John Forrestall announced: “Saudi is part of our Western defense zone! “. Islamism was not yet part of the global agenda. Only had the struggle against Communism. It would pay dearly. In 1950, President Truman drove the point home: “Any threat against your kingdom will be considered a threat to the United States.” In 1963, Kennedy stated to King Feisal, who had just made Wahhabism the official religion of the Kingdom, the United States wore guarantor of the security of the Kingdom, confirmed commitment by Carter in 1980. The question of human rights was never opened.

An enemy of Wahhabism: Arab nationalism

In Algeria, with the FLN, in Egypt with the General-President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, arab nationalism emerged, sith support of Soviet Union, also present in Iraq and Syria. Tje aim was to unify the Arab world. Nasser put local representatives of Wahhabism (the Muslim Brotherhood) in prison. His “pan-Arabism” was against the Wahhabism that wanted rather use religion to unify the Muslims. In 1962, Prince Feyçal-the-first organized response by installing the Islamic summit in Mecca. One item on the agenda: daawa wal Irchad, that is to say proselytism. Nasser strikes back by inviting the Arabs to liberate Riyadh before freeing Jerusalem!

Sure we have, at this time, missed an opportunity to curb Saudi influence and build a secular community of Arab countries.

The LIM and WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth)

And Americans sank: funded by the US-Saudi oil company Aramco, the LIM (world league for Islam) was born with an openly proselytizing message based on charitable actions. LIM financed Mosques providing also the Imam. Was also created in 1970 the WAMY , aiming to reach more specifically youth and invite the Jihad.


And Americans digged. Always obsessed with the red peril, they encouraged, in the 80s, an uprising in the heart of communist Afghanistan. Talibans are the terrible child of the policy of Ronald Reegan. US President, a little naive perhaps, saw Talibans as “freedom fighters.” Saudis financed the operation in which engulfed Osama bin Laden . Wahhabism had just come out of its borders.

The first backlash : Al Qaeda

Soviet Union disappeared in 1989. Remained the Mujahideen who seized power in Afghanistan and their training camps for young terrorists. The bomb had just exploded at the US face! They had, by their morbid naivety, created a monster.

The Ummah (Muslim community) was gradually mortified by Wahhabism, but there was no question for the United States to cut its founder member vital for its oil supplies.

During the Kuwaiti crisis (1991), the ruling family of Saudi Arabia could not do otherwise than to host on its soil US troops. Bin Laden, who has just returned from Afghanistan, denounced the attitude of the king who thus opened the doors of the sacred territory to disbelievers to make on Muslims. The monster created 20 years earlier had become a snake would will strike America at heart.

The second backlash : DAESH

In 2003, the United States president George Bush Junior invaded Iraq to oust Saddam Husein. He settled, in the fertile crescent, domination Shiite embodied by Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, both supported in backyards by Iran Shiite.

Sunni movements, driven from power, formed early embryos of DAESH. Saudi Arabia (officially private donors) saw the opportunity to destabilize this small Shiite world by funding the terrorist group. But Saudi can also burn with fire. DAESH saw in Wahhabism Arab deviance from the original Islam, led by a ruling family for his own benefit. DAESH now threatened the Saud ! Feisal The king then sent his planes, but it was too late.

The exit door

For their part, the United States, through the exploitation of shale gas, gradually reach energy independence. Such independence could finally allow them to cut ties with the Saudi regime, particularly brutal and Islamic event. But the uncontrolled spread of germs already made difficult any setbacks.

Kurdish forces fighting proxy for the entire earth. This secular people in the heart of a religious Ocean pay US mistakes. Le Bataclan, Carillon, Little Cambodia, Beauty Team also pay them the note. Hopefully it is not too heavy.


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