Time-line of Islam

To try to see more clearly in the many ramifications of the crooked tree of Islam …


Chronological Tree of Islam

We notice that the main trunk planted by Muhammad in the seventh century divides early into two main branches:

  • that of the Shiites , who do not recognize as legitimate members of the Prophet’s family, especially Ali , his cousin and son-whose succession will be provided by 12 Imams, prayer guides;
  • that of the Sunnis , who only recognize the legitimacy of the Caliphs , whose inheritance was initiated by Abu Bakr , the first companion of the Prophet, then confirmed by Muawiya , the governor of Damascus, founder of the dynasty of the Umayyads, which will extend his power from India to the Iberian Peninsula. This irresistible expansion will allow the Sunni branch to dominate the Muslim world to this day.

These branches break off many branchioles, more branched than each other, it seems futile to draw otherwise illegible.

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