A brief history of the Beatles

May 8, 1962, London

In upholstered EMI Studios, Georges Martin, elegant as usual, listening for the tenth time a piece of recorded jazz yesterday. His world is full of microphones, metal cabinets bristling with buttons, sliders, knobs, electrical son, jacks plugged into consoles last cries. He is the conductor of all this machinery. His fingers run over the mixer, balancing the bass enhancing mediums, adding or reducing brass strings. It’s been a quarter of an hour he seeks to make this piece Honorable real masterpiece. A smile finally draws on her face. That’s it. He has what he wanted: perfect harmony, balance. Another 33 laps landmark … Georges Martin is a great musician, but it is not his artistic qualities that make him an undisputed master, but his talents as arranger. That’s why he was appointed to a prestigious position: it is the artistic director of Parlophone, EMI’s subsidiary specializing in classical and jazz.

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Georges Martin

The phone can howl. His office is deserted. There is no chance that Mr. George, a screw helmet on his head, and hear the ringtone. It is his secretary who wins this May 8, 1962. Another walk breaks! thinks she immediately. On the phone, a high-pitched voice wants an appointment with Mr. Martin. It is a Liverpool manager. One again ! 10 times a day, the faithful secretary is disturbed by one of those enlightened, convinced he had found the gem, the new Elvis …

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We at EMI, here! We made serious music. He holds a promising group of four boys. Of course ! How many promising boys she saw happen? Tens ? Maybe hundreds. Ultimately, it is always the same, adolescents wiggle on American standards poorly imitated … They make us waste our time and that of Mr. George is so valuable. The nasal voice up in the handset:

  • Celebs in Hamburg! You will not be disappointed.
  • more Germans?
  • No, they are English. Four boys from Liverpool.
  • Oh! there is indeed a place in the agenda of Mr. Martin. Tomorrow, May 9, at 9 am.
  • It is very good !
  • Who do I advertise ?
  • Mr. Brian Epstein.
  • And how should we call your four wonders?
  • The Beatles.
  • It is noted, you will be received by Mr. Martin.

Beatles … She does not like. She has never liked the insects and the « A » changes nothing. She hopes that Mr. Epstein is serious … It must prevent Mr. Martin, even though she knows he does not like to be disturbed a full work.

Several hundred miles further north, in his office in Liverpool, the first floor of NEMS store, Brian Epstein is delighted. Finally, he just landed an audition! And in addition to EMI! He holds a chance to get his boys of the hole, to recognize their talents by a true professional, extract the trap hundreds of rock and roll groups that rotate in England; several hundred in London alone! One has only to go down in smoky basements of the capital to fall on assemblies more or less talented self-taught musicians, teens dreaming of a place in the sun in the cutthroat world of record labels. But real musicians … Brian knows that his Beatles, the only knowledge of the true Rock and Roll.

A brief history of the Beatles

The Rock and Roll

In 50 years, Liverpool still bore the scars of World War II, deep scars carved by dozens of German bombs fell on its streets. The buildings had been largely rebuilt, but one felt that the soft sandstone hills of Lancashire needed a new breath to finally release the energies stifled by four years of war. This breath come from America. It would be called Rock and Roll. Nothing like this had ever been heard on this side if the Atlantic: a rhythmic music, catchy, abusing power and saturated guitar amps; dangerous for old music, but finally spoke to young people, using their vocabulary. The Rock and Roll was born in the 40s it was the result of crossbreeding of rhythm and blues, this black music born in the cotton fields of southern America, and Country, white music pioneer in conquest of the West. He would sweep away everything in its path. First the American Great Plains, and then, with television, old Europe. Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, both of Stars that everyone tried to copy. Bill Halley was the first to plant the seeds of this musical revolution. But another was harvested. In the summer of 53, a young white cheeky Mississippi had the audacity to push the doors of Sun Records, a Memphis record label reserved for black singers. Armed with his guitar and 4 dollars, he played the first notes of That’s All Right , an old blues nagging, he transformed into Rock and Roll. It was a shock. For Philipps First, the manager of Sun Records, and soon for all America. Elvis became the leader of a generation of teenagers, millions of young people tearing his records or photos, hysterical women but also the sworn enemy of the old American horrified by his obscene gyrations. Soon the Rock and Roll overflowed its borders. Halley Lee Lewis, Elvis, Cohran, Holly Perkins and all the others went to conquer the world, including the Old Continent. England lived since 1940 under GIs perfusion culture, Jazz and Blues. The soil was ready for the first shoots emerge. When the mid-50s, the saving breeze licked through the radio, the brick walls of Liverpool, garages filled with cheap guitars, bass and improvised batteries with bits of cardboard or old metal drums . They played on breathless amps, we tapped cans, it screamed in purchased secondhand pickup, it squirmed like Elvis that we had seen at the local cinema. It was Cliff Richard who first, proposed a piece of « real » Rock and Roll Made in Great Britain: « Move it! « It was all in the title. It had to move. And young English only waiting for this!

John Winston Lennon

Among these young people from the baby boom, there was John Winston Lennon, a rebel, indomitable teenager, who lived from the age of four in Liverpool, with his Aunt Mimi, whose real name is Mary Elizabeth Smith, and his uncle Georges. It was a family without problems, row, typical of the English Middle Class. John was born in 1940, during a deadly raid of the Luftwaffe, under the incendiary bombs Goering. Was it patriotic fervor by his mother, he was little known, was sandwiched Winston between his first and last name? John supposed. In 1955, John, who was only fifteen years old, was passed by the wave Bill Halley and his Rock Around the Clocks, Blackboard Jungle soundtrack. He was not going to miss his reply. In April 1956, the King of image fluttering on Heart Breack Hotel were a revelation to him. It was beautiful, covered in black leather, hair slicked back. Above all, he panicked girls. John turned around in the dark room. Behind him, the Liverpool girls were also in tears, hypnotized by this Demigod … That was the end of a world. « That’s a good Job!  » he says to him. John, who had never touched an instrument of his life, he vowed to become Rocker. From that day of April 56, there were more than music in his life. Or rather, women, alcohol and music. But all that, John, it was the same. He had to learn to play guitar. Not easy in a family that only listened to Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Mozart. His Uncle George was a little more rock and roll than his Aunt Mimi. It was also more than Uncle. He was a true friend, with whom he went to the movies or listened to the radio during the night. It was Uncle George who offered him his first instrument: the accordion. Nothing could make him happier! It was George who also gave him his first music lessons. But a drunken evening in 1955, Uncle George had the bad idea to collapse on the floor of the stage, leaving John alone with his aunt Mimi sad. John loved his uncle and his death left an unbearable void at 251 Menlove Avenue, although he showed little emotion. Pete Shotton, his best friend from Quarry Bank, close to Strawberry Field school, did not notice anything. Yet John could not consider this camera won with this cantankerous aunt that he had not chosen. The music is for him the best way out.

John had a mother like everyone. Her name was Julia. But he could not remember more. Only snatches, stealth image glimpsed through the opaque windows of the living room door. From his father, he knew that the nickname Alf, probably for Alfred, and a few flashes, a restless, disturbing sea of ​​black ink roller crushing her on the pier, and a dark room where s’ heard to say « Daddy. » Despite his incessant demands, Mimi never said anything to him. She always dodged questions. But John knew in his heart that his mother was there, somewhere, in Liverpool and it was waiting. The Uncle George funeral took place in the rain, as it was for the funeral. John did not shed a tear. There were at his side his friend Pete, always there in difficult times. A little away, a red-haired woman appeared, a furtive picture hidden under a black felt hat. Immediately she disappeared. Julia! John was sure. He searched the crowd, but she was not there. Why was she hiding? What was she afraid? John had to find her. His past, all the answers to his questions were there at hand and yet elusive. Once again, Mimi, eyes glued to the muddy ground of the cemetery, said nothing. She had seen nothing. No red lady … Even fewer Julia. So John missionna Pete. « You have to find her. Pete, am the! « Pete ran the cemetery in pursuit of a shadow. Pete Shotton was almost a brother. John had met the Anglican school Dovedale and had followed him to Quarry Bank, where they had all the worst nonsense. They were so inseparable that teachers had called Lotton and Shennon. Pete loved to infuriate John Winston Lennon calling him « Winnie. » A punch in the figure later, Pete jura to do it again. Pete was faithful friend, but also a confidant.

The buried Uncle George, Pete returned home Mimi. She was prostrate in the living room lost in thought, staring blankly lost in the street. He dared not disturb her. The silence was so heavy that he immediately went upstairs where John was prostrate on his bed Pete had found traces of Julia. John does not say a word. He pulled his pair of shoes and two friends out in Menlove Avenue without Mimi is seen something. Pete took him across fields towards Newcastle Road. Against them stood a small white hut, rather simple, terraced with all the other huts in the area. John was stunned: his mother lived a few blocks away for years! Why Julia her had she never visited? And why he lived with his aunt? Where was his father? John hesitated, then attempted a U-turn. It was Pete who finally knocked on the door. The redhead woman immediately opened. It was Julia. A smile played on his lips makeup. She walked slowly and took his son in his arms. They stayed entwined for several minutes without saying a word, feeding the heat of the other, breathing, devouring gaze. John had a good mom. He had a thousand questions, and yet he could not find words. Then it was Julia who spoke and spoke again. Never in the past, only the present. He spent the afternoon with her, discovering it for the first time, 15 years ago. Officially, she was still married to Alfred Lennon. But she did not live alone. There was Dikins, a taciturn waiter, a type not very nice, taciturn, with a small mustache Dario Moreno, sometimes violent when he was drunk, with whom she had two daughters. Such a situation could not be accepted in the Puritan Liverpool at the time. The family was a little apart. But John did not care. He stayed several days at Newcastle Road, although Mimi angry for years, did not see it very good eye. Julia was the exact opposite of her sister. She was alive. She crunched the life to the fullest, not disdaining a good glass of alcohol, cigarettes good, and even the afternoons in a few bars sinners of the harbor. One evening, while walking on the coast, a Juke Box distills in the air a piece of Buddy Holly: Rock and Roll: sex pure as she said. She took John in the bar, where she danced, as a teenager, intoxicated by the frenzied notes of this music. John measured how the two sisters could be different! Obviously, he better understood his mother. It was like her, far from good practice, eager to enjoy life without restraint. At home, Julia was an old banjo and piano. She played for John Maggie Mae, a rock telling the story of a prostitute. For fear of breaking the spell, John decided to avoid hard questions and just listen to this joyful music live and watch the smile of his mother, his mother finally alive. John was impressed. He would have liked to learn. So Julia put the banjo in the arms of his son, and he began to strum one by one, and together, making creak the air above their heads. Julia taught him to put his fingers exert pressure just on the ropes. The banjo never left his hands. Day after day, he trained, sought to put into practice the basics taught by his mother. First clumsy technique was perfected. He added singing and a few days later, perfectly played Maggie Mae. He was able to realize his dream of creating a group of Rock and Roll.

Mimi was furious. Her sister was a wanton, reckless who, she said, left her son. She had now put in the head of John subversive ideas, dangerous becoming rocker! It was not a profession. That would lead to nothing! Already the Quarry Bank Principal wrote to him constantly to complain about his casual attitude! But the damage was done. And legally, it could not prevent the meeting of a mother and her son. But maybe she could, with a little skill, put John on the right track. The school Rails! A market was beyond doubt: it would propose to him to offer him a guitar and, in exchange, John would agree to stand properly. And more scandals with the Principal! John agreed, of course … With the certainty of never keeping his promise. He spent hours with his new toy, even abandoning some more courses that had even less interest. In the evening, he rushed on the guitar and played the Elvis, Little Richard and all the others. He visited his mother every day, happy to catch up and show progress. Of course, Mimi received some time later the Principal of the letter lamenting « the unacceptable behavior of John, a master in the art of poetry ribald and obscene drawings. » Mimi learned that he had been sent with Pete Shotton, first one week, then definitely. Julia knew long ago. The aunt immediately resold the guitar which put John out of it. He rushed to her mother to ask for money and bought the guitar or herself, this time for 5 Pounds. Mimi enraged against her sister, as usual. She spent a useless soap John. Mimi had no right over him and he knew it …

In the summer of 56, John had the idea of a group of Skiffle: The Quarrymen; guys Quarry Bank. He was then 16 years. The group was initially composed of school friends and, first, the inevitable Pete Shotton, the blond, to ensure the washboard rhythm, washboard. There would also Eric Griffith on guitar and Bill Smith on tea chest bass, cash tea for bass. Rod Davis, who had bought a banjo yesterday, would also be of the party. Griffith knew a neighbor, Colin Hanton, who had a battery. « Let him come too! « Said John. « Anyway, no need to be a musician to play Skiffle! « John was unquestionably the leader. He reserved the vocals and rhythm guitar. He imposed severe all rehearsals. No way to be late! Griffith Loupa more, which made John mad with rage. Len Garry replaced him at tea chest bass. Everything was ready. The Skiffle was kind then very fashionable in England. It was a mixture came to New Orleans with a little blues, jazz and folk. Lonnie Donegan was then the undisputed leader with its flagship title: Rock Island Line . The Skiffle did not require very advanced musical foundation. And it was a big advantage for groups like the Quarrymen who had never taken music lessons and had learned everything on the job. The Quarrymen made their debut around Liverpool a good opportunity for John to take some fresh air away from Menlove Avenue.

Quarrymen in 1957 – From left to right Pete Shotton, Eric Griffith, Len Garry (back), John Lennon, Colin Hanton (drums) and Rod Davis (standing)

Despite his casual attitude despite the music, John soufrait silently hate that devoted themselves sisters, torn between a mother and unfathomable authoritarian aunt. This stubborn hatred was related to a family secret, a secret that explained his situation, an unfortunate event that took place 10 years earlier. The images that haunted his dreams, the sea of ​​ink, the dark room, telling a story he could not decode. Julia said that Mimi had stolen! Stolen ? Can we steal a child? Mimi had no claim on him and his mother could fully resume its place. So ? Why was she not? In any case, he now decides his life. He would choose according to their desires to spend time Newcastel road or Menlove Avenue. And then it would be necessary the foot in it, break the wall unsaid that prevented his family to rebuild. One drunken evening, he took Julia’s hand and dragged her to Aunt Mimi. Julia was crying. As usual. She collapsed on the living room carpet in front of her stunned sister. Tell him Julia! John yelled. Tell him what you told me. Tell him Mimi stole! Julia could not say a word. Shaken by tremors, she continued to sob, crushed by the weight of this confrontation she had so often feared. Instead, Mimi was facing. Sure it of its right, she went to her sister as a rapacious based on a wounded prey. Oh I stole John? him she threw in the face. And did you tell him what really happened? He did you say you’re still married to Alfred and you live with another man? He did you say that Alfred had returned, he had sought to rebuild your family and that you had ignored? He did you tell Blackpool where we went every two? He did you say that John was there, with him to leave New Zealand? He did you say that his father had asked him to choose? To him, a five year old? He did you say that in this dark room John replied, « Dad »? He did you say when you came out of the room in tears, as usual, giving up your son? He did you say that desperate John ran into the street and tried to hold you and you did nothing? It was at this moment that I took in my arms. If it was « stealing John » then yes, I stole it and I have no regrets.

John in five minutes had unveil his childhood. Her father, her mother, Mimi … All this is now followed suit perfectly. Julia sighed. She had missed the onslaught and regained a little to his senses. Perhaps, but I love it more than anything. Love is not an excuse! Mimi replied. John was furious. « I hate you both! I hate your resentment! I hate your lies. I hate your hate. Remember that you were sisters! And there are people you can not hate, we have no right to hate. I hate you but I love you anyway. « And he left the room, slamming the door. The family earthquake had rendered his last reply. Julia and Mimi looked at and understood. They remembered that one day they were sisters. It was the peace of the brave. Due to a peace. Because we could not make war forever. The smile lit up the two faces, the first common smile decade.

July 6, 1957 – Quarrymen at St Peter church

It was July 6, 1957, it was particularly hot in the fields surrounding St. Peter Church. The Quarrymen were scheduled in mid-afternoon. Meanwhile, a folk group ticked the last notes of a copper flohlorique air, punctuated by heavy pumps a huge snorkel and groans stifled a tired trumpet. Children were enjoying the games organized by the school fair. The coronation of Queen Rose was preparing. John had put his red shirt to Canadian lumberjack tile and combed his curly hair points forward, just to look a bit like a Teddy Boy. Before you jump on stage, he nervously pulled out a cigarette and motivated his troops. Then he gave the signal, requiring all the best. The scene was actually the platform of a transport truck on which the instruments were installed. John stood in the center. Griffith, lead guitar, stood on his right, responsive to orders of the boss. In the background lurked Pete Shotton, not very comfortable with his board to raise and Rod Davis on banjo. To his left, also attentive to the boss, Len Garry and tea box. Children were mounted on the stage intrigued by this group of musicians and all its equipment. The audience was young and sparse, but fortunately enthusiastic. There were mostly in the front row, Julia, in a wonderful floral dress, and Mimi in a stricter set. « Attention One, two, three four! « John threw. And it was gone. Griffith began the intro, followed by John on vocals and all Quarrymen:

Oh dirty Maggie Mae They Have taken her away
And she never walk down Lime Street Any More
Oh the judge found her guilty he
For robbing a homeward bounder

Maggie Mae, the prostitute, to start! Some good old Rock and Roll followed as Come Go With Me. John did not know all the words and was content to sing the choruses, often improvising. But it was good enough. Foremost, attracted by the music, a young man in a white jacket adorned with a pink, smiling. A connoisseur, he listened to this patchwork. He was especially intrigued by the singer, a true leader, who was something in his voice. The young man also played music with his friend Georges and would have liked to get a group like this. It would have little trouble getting best guitarist …

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Quarrymen July 6, 1957

Lennon – McCartney

In-between acts, the Quarrymen resumed their breath in the rectory. John, who was pulling on a cigarette, was quite happy, even if he saw a lot of areas for improvement. Ivan Vaughan, one of his friends came to his turn. He was accompanied by a young man in the front row who had a guitar slung His name was Paul McCartney. Ivan thought that Paul would bring a lot to the Quarrymen and had asked him to come to St. Peter Church. But he feared the reaction of John he knew particularly since they were neighbors. John How would he react to this much younger teenager himself but also much better on the guitar? Would he make a place? He simply began:

  • John, this is my friend Paul, a school friend, he also plays! Vaughan began.
  • What play? John replied mockingly, before advancing to shake his hand.
  • Guitar. Paul says soberly.
  • So you were in the front row? How did you?
  • Not bad.
  • Not bad ? You could do better perhaps? Luckily, you’re a friend of Ivan.
  • I believe.
  • Can you show us? souria John, swallowing his beer.
  • Of course ! Paul replied, pulling his left-handed guitar.
  • You have turned upside down!
  • No.
  • Sympa your rose! It’s dandy.
  • I can lend you if you want …

Without saying more, Paul put his hands on the guitar. He took a breath and played the first chords of Twenty Flight Rock Eddie Cochran, a piece in which John had always stumbled.

Ooh, well I got a girl with a record Machine
When it comes to rockin ‘she’s the queen
We love to dance was Saturday night
All alone Where I can hold her tight
Aim she lives on the twentieth floor uptown
The elevator’s broken down

John was captivated. Paul was better. No doubt. And in addition he knew the words! John looked worried the Quarrymen who seemed excited about the devastating riff this cheeky southpaw. Was it good for him? He was leader of the Quarrymen and had every intention to remain so. It would be good for the group. That Paul could teach him new agreements … He thanked Paul dryly:

  • Bye! It was pieces to repeat.
  • Do you know a guitar accords in E! Not in Sol as a banjo? Paul remarked.

John did not answer, a little ashamed. Paul walked away disappointed. Pete Shotton was, meanwhile, packed! « We need this type in the group! « John had not decided anything. He had to think. It was Ivan, a week later, brought the good news to Paul. On October 18, he was one of the Quarrymen. Immediately, John went home at 20 Forthlin Road , Allerton in the neighborhood. He had every intention of staying the boss and therefore needed to learn everything he could.

He found a lovely guy. Paul McCartney was almost too nice guy. He had intended to become a teacher but he also had fallen into music. His father Jim was selling cotton to 6 Pounds per month, which was not very glorious. But he had a huge quality: he was a musician and had installed a piano in the lounge. He had bought Paul and his brother a guitar. It was from his father that Paul took his first steps guitarist. Paul played everywhere and all the time in the course area, but also in the bathroom, sitting on the sink. He thus acquired a real skill. John Paul watched post left hands on the strings. Not easy to see how he was doing … All these major, minor, barred, diminished to four fingers … John then had the bright idea to look into the mirror. A healthy collaboration had just put on. John was the first time the impression of moving … They never left more. If John was still the leader, Paul was undoubtedly his second. The following week, they worked their first songs together. Yet they were not like. John was as impulsive as Paul was asked, quiet, old school. John took up the people while Paul was attentive, conscious of his entourage. John invited Newcastle road where he was soon to present his mother. Julia quickly appreciated the calming presence of Paul, who was good to his son, soothed home He played walks and listened presqu’amoureuse this kid of 15 years of incredible maturity


Hardly the adventure, Paul spoke of his friend George, who lived at a bus stop to home, 25 Upton Green in Speke. They had known for 13 years, in Dovedale, near Penny Lane, while Paul was still playing the trumpet, before realizing that it was not the most practical instrument to sing Rock. Paul had moved, but they remained in contact, linked by an unbreakable bond: music. They left together hitchhiking on the south coast of England, with the only luggage their guitar. At the time, George formed with his brother Peter another group: The Rebels. They had the opportunity to play a few times winner on the occasion some shillilgs. George was a lovely guy, a little quiet, but very gifted when it came to playing rock. He bought his first guitar by accepting a delivery of work during a summer. Georges was much better than Griffith, the recognized guitarist Quarrymen. And it was a true rocker. Paul took advantage of night travel, upstairs deserted a double-decker bus, to present his friend John. At first, he found it too young. John lent him a guitar and George played Raunchy Bill Justis. Some riffs and seven months later, George was also in the adventure. He was 14. Griffith had to pack. Meanwhile, Nigel Whalley was inducted manager Quarrymen!

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Paul and George


July 15, 1958, the afternoon was sunny copiously. Julia, in her flowered dress, light as a teenager arguing with Aunt Mimi on his doorstep. She was about to go home. Nigel Whalley was passing by on his bicycle, looking for John. But it was not at Aunt Mimi, it was already at Julia. Nigel then offered to make a way together. She was happy, smiling at every passerby, joked about life, a calmer life now, that gently flowed from a sister and a son recovered. Nigel left her at the bus stop and then walked away. Suddenly, behind him, a brake squeal followed by a thud sound. He turned Julia had crossed the avenue and a Standard Vanguard was dark on it. He saw the slender body flew through the air and fell back to more than thirty meters. The shock was incredible violence. She was there, lying on the floor, face glued to the asphalt. The guy had not seen anything. Nigel rushed to Mimi: « you have to call an ambulance, he got something to Mrs. Lennon! « Mimi rushed onto the road. But it was too late. She died instantly. John was devastated again … He wanted to Nigel, certainly holding responsible. The Quarrymen had come to the funeral. Leather Rockers were in tears and John the first, although sometimes the pain turned into violent tantrums. Paul, who had also lost his mother Mary early, did his best to appease him. One day, John would write a song for her. She called Mother, simply. Nigel’s testimony did not impress the judge, the police officer was acquitted. At the time of the verdict, Mimi watered copiously police curses and promised shots canes. John remained silent, convinced that nothing would bring more Julia had still abandon once and, this time, definitely. He took refuge in alcohol. Then he broke his silence, each blaming the death of his mother and vowing bloody revenge. There was no limit to his anger.


Six weeks later, he went back to school, fine arts Liverpool. sometimes seen alone on the stairs, looking out the window, crying. Then he was taken to sudden anger. Bill Harry was his friend and tried, as best he could, pulled from his hole. He presented him Stuart Sutcliffe. A first light. John fell under the charm of this highly sensitive boy, flayed, an artistic sense unusual and beautiful as an angel. Stu, meanwhile, liked this type in John, this rebel with expletives mouthful, which included live the life he had chosen. They guess friends.

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Cynthia Lennon

Maybe poiur consolation, John collectionna girls; never anything serious, just enough to spend a good evening. These conquests like him, frivolous, easy, looking for instant gratification, without a future. Nothing to do with Cynthia, the dark brunette who wore skirts in tweed. She was the exact opposite of John, row and studious, refined and shy, sheltered behind severe student glasses. She was 18 when John had only 17. She had loved a time Barry, the playboy of the school and had even dreamed of marriage. Some infidelities later, she found herself alone, taking refuge in the studies. Assisi often at the forefront, she really wanted to learn, to progress to make art his profession. It was in 1957, a guy sat behind her and tapped him on the shoulder: « Hello, I’m John. » The type was not material. So Cynthia had lent him some crayons. The next day, John, had come with his guitar and played it Rock and Roll. Frightened, scarlet, Cynthia had hurriedly left the classroom. Frightened, but not indifferent and even really bewitched by this rebel. This John was something she had not, some sort of affluence, arrogance, a lust for life. She had understood that John was crazy to Brigitte Bardot. The next day she was blonde. John then fell into his net and Miss Powell became Cyn. At the time, John had little place to go, except the Pub or the room rented Stuart Sutcliffe who, unfortunately, was often busy. So they made love in the toilet of the Pub, for lack of better … Cyn did not like it. But they had no choice. John was sometimes taken serious fits of jealousy, especially when he was drunk. He could become violent. Once he struck her because she had the misfortune of dancing with Stuart. But soon, he apologized. Love, Alcohol and Rock and Roll, this was the program for years Fine Arts and the program for years to follow. Cyn, meanwhile, thought rather to marriage …

In Spite of all the Danger

John was still ravaged by grief. Paul then went out of his boxes a piece he had composed: In Spite of all the danger, a ride borrowed from Elvis style. The Quarrymen went to Phillips Recording Service, a private recording studio at 38 Kensington Street, located in a large Victorian house. It was the first record of the Quarrymen, as more Skiffle Rock, showing the way was going to borrow later the group. There was only one microphone, but they made with, accustomed to summary conditions. They hearkened to 17 shillings and 3 Pences. The bottom of the pockets contained only 15. Philipps retained recording to the sum Fusse met. They now had a drive to them! B side, aint she sweet.

1958-1959 – The Quarrymen with Silver Beatles

With George, The Quarrymen had found their « lead » guitar. However, they had no bassist, and had lost their drummer or rather their player Washboard: disappointed by the lack of motivation of Peter Shotton, John had broken his rage washboard on his head, opening the door Colin Hanton group, not for long … on January 1, 1959, her disastrous performance at Speke Bus Depot Social Club marked the end of his participation in the musical experience. John Lowe took over. John, Paul and George took advantage of these years to perfect their technique. None had taken music lessons. The most advanced was also the youngest: George had 15 years. It was also the only one that was encouraged by his parents, especially his maman Louise, restrained by a cantankerous mother during his youth. A family friend had even taught him some chords. The Quarrymen found themselves after school at Madame Harrison. Louise was too happy that his son has the opportunity to make music with friends his age. This was not the case of Jim McCartney, Paul’s father, former musician however, disappointed to see his son released gradually studies. The Quarrymen took advantage of office hours to repeat as among McCartney. To complete the group, John thought of his friend of Fine Arts: Stuart Sutcliffe, that had presented Bill Harry. It could play bass. Yet it was not a real musician though, with its eternal dark glasses, he looked like a real rocker. His art, he expressed in painting and especially in knife painting, a painting that looked like him, which dominated the red and black, a cutaway painting, huge, violent, often thrown on canvas by handful of colors and scratched his nails, shaped by his body. The sale of one of his works at the exhibition Moores Liverpool had made him earn some money. John had then pushed to buy a bass guitar. He entered as well in the group, more affinity for John than by genuine desire to make music.

John decided to change the name of the group. Neither George nor Paul came from Quarry Bank, then the name « Quarrymen » had more sense. One time, he opted for Johnny and the Moondogs. But it was not unanimous. Stu came with a new idea: he had seen the Wild One with Marlon Brando and his band of backfiring motorcycle, dressed in black leather, rebels, terrors, outlaws, like them. This band that terrorized the neighborhood was called the Beetles: Beetles. The idea appealed to John. It echoed the Crickets Buddy Holly. By replacing the « e » with an « a, was obtained Beatles interesting word game for a group of Beat Music. The Quarrymen became The Silver Beatles. This was the time of the first compositions: Paul found indeed interesting to be able to pass commercial standards; it allowed indeed to avoid problems with the record companies. The best thing was therefore to have his own songs. John already wrote poems. Paul said to him, « If you put notes on it, it made songs! « . The Lennon-Mc Cartney pair then wrote fifty titles, not always complete. The most successful, perhaps, was entitled Love me do. now remained to find dates to show everyone that the Silver Beatles could live their music. John and Stu frequented the then Jac, a club managed by Allan Williams, a guy invested in promoting rock bands. John asked if a rock band could be interested.  » Why not ? « He replied. But start by painting the ladies room! In May 1960, the Silver Beatles were late on stage!

May 1960 – Scottish tower

Johnny Gentle, John Askew in fact, had not usurped her her stage name! It was a lovely guy, the perfect image of nice Rocker, slicked banana and white jacket, elegant with the ladies, attentive to his fans. Former carpenter, he said he had made himself his first guitar. He had won a singing competition in Locarno and had won its first contract with Phillips with Larry Parnes, the first manager of rock bands, a guy who had at Liverpool, who had notably organized a tour with Gene Vincent to Liverpool Stadium . Parnes thought he had a solid group to complete the scene behind Billy Fury and Johnny Gentle. He knew Allan Williams who proposed the Silver Beatles. On 10 May 1960, the group passed his first audition with other musicians with more exotic names as each other: Cass and the Cassanovas, Derry and the Seniors, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Cliff Roberts and Tornados. Head to the Blue Angel, another club Allan Williams. John Lowe who left the ship, Williams dégota another drummer Tommy Moore who arrived late … John noticed that there was nothing less reliable than a drummer whose job, however, was to set the tempo! They had to borrow drummer Cassanovas Johnny Hutchinson. John asked Billy Fury autograph; it was better than nothing. Larry Parnes and Fury remained unsatisfied. No group really stood out. Maybe the Tornados. The Silver Beatles were good, but Stuart was a weak bass. wrong we could not give them Stuart did what he could; he took over but was not comfortable at all, then he turned back to the audience. With bassist auttre perhaps? John flatly refused. Stuart was to be part of the adventure. The hearing ended well, with a sense of unfinished business. But on 18 May, Larry Parnes was still no solution to support Johnny Gentle. The Tornados had finally had his favors to go with Fury. He called Williams: Good news: the Silver Beatles were selected for The Ballad Beat Show tour, a brief one-week tour with Johnny Gentle in Scotland: Northern Metting Hall, Regal Ballroom, Rescue Hall and other rooms on the north coast . It was an explosion of joy lorsqu’Aallan announced the news to the Silver Beatles were officially professional musicians and were to be paid to play music! Paul found that their names were not very « showbi » z, not very exotic, alongside Billy Fury, Rory Storm and other Pacemakers. John sent and called Long John Silver, George suggested Carl Harrisson, in reference to his idol Carl Perkins, Paul became Paul Ramon and Stuart reincarnated Stuart de Stael, in reference to the painter. The tour began with a concert in Alloa, Clackmannanshire County. On the posters announcing the evening, « Silver Beatles » had disappeared reading « Johnny Gentle and his group. » Pity. The Silver Beatles got to know Johnny Gentle fifteen minutes before going on stage Alloa! But everything went well. The pieces were provided repeated dozens of times: Buddy Holly’s, Elvis Presley’s, Ricky Nelson, Clarence Frogman, Eddie Cochran’s and others. Johnny gave a black t-shirt to George that he had the same outfit that John and Paul on stage. The rest of the tour went along the north coast of Scotland, in the Highlands. They shared almost everything, hotels, restaurants, and of course the scene. They became real friends. John aida Johnny to write a song: I’ve Fallen For Someone Just. Sometimes when Gerry Scott, the chuaffeur of the tour was too drunk, Gentle was driving the van. After the concert at Dalrymple Hall, a little tired, perhaps fogged by alcohol vapors of a drunken night he threw it against a convertible Vanguard. Tommy Moore took all the material in the face and lost a tooth. But the next day he was on stage, Thomas Hall, in the far north of Scotland, a little disfigured, but present. The little money that had been given Larry Parnes starting melted like snow in the sun. They had beautiful call Larry Parnes, the money never came. It was getting really hard! They had to leave the Royal Station Hotel without paying the bill. Ten days of struggling to play hours before the hearings often scattered, always full of beer and empty pockets well.

June 1960 – Herr Koshmider

May 28 back to Liverpool, poorer than they were gone. The first doubts began to settle in the heads. Does it worth it? Were they left for that? This miserable life? They had become convicts guitar. John thought so. He said that the road would be long, but the glory awaiting them. They would be a greatest day, biggest Elvis. Stuart and especially Tommy doubted seriously. The drummer had lost a tooth and 10 kilos. And he had to sub for everyone! John, to reinvigorate his troops, proposed even change the name of the group: The Beatles, it was easier and it highlighted their rhythmic side: the beat. Allan Williams fortunately had the resources He found them a place at Neston Institute on Hinderton Road. But they were paid by Coca-Cola! Who did not care we? Moore was quick enough. No money ? No drummer. End of the adventure for Tommy Moore. They played in June 1960 at the Grosvenor Ballroom with an empty drum kit behind. John spoke to the audience to know if anyone could troubleshoot … A tough guy stood up and moved behind Tommy cymbals and drums. Obviously, he’d never play the drums. But it was better than nothing. Then came the waltz drummers Moore returned once or twice, and then was replaced by Chapman also left, because of military service. We not recover! Paul had some idea and decided it would be the drummer! This was the case for exceptional evenings sordid club a Lord! Lord Woodbin holding a box of strippers, the New Artists Cabaret Club. The Beatles accompanied the girls shed their leaves before a band to pervert tongue hanging. Had they hit bottom? Allan Williams feeling a bit demotivated produced the home, at Jac, with some painting. Anyway, there was no alternative for now. Williams had for the occasion invited a type that would change the destiny of the Beatles: Bruno Koshmider, a German research groups of English, for one of its clubs in Hamburg. The Rock scene of Liverpool being very crowded, groups had found their salvation in Germany, thanks to Herr Bruno. This was the case of Derry and the Seniors that were in boxes Kaiserkeller. As Derry and the Seniors had the affair, Herr Bruno sought what animate the evenings of the other team: the Indra, a sordid cabaret specializes in the pretty girls ready to undress. Allan had seen a chance for his proteges.

August 1960 – The Casbah

After Jac direction Grosvenor Hall. They were showing alternating with Gerry and the Pacemakers with whom they shared a few pieces. An evening, a fight between two rival burst bands. Paul rushed to the scene to save his amp, Elpico which then was his pride. A guy grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him: « If you move my boy, you’re dead … » Paul was terrified, believing his last hour had come. But he had to save the amp … The Grosvenor neighbors complained of the racket of this Rock and Roll group that brought all the scum of the neighborhood. The evening concert was canceled, the Grosvenor wanting to return to more traditional music: it meant more Rock and Roll. Finally it was not worse. For this cancellation took them to the Casbah. The Casbah was a room furnished basement in 1959 by a certain Mona Best. She had the idea after seeing a report on the BBC on a London club Soho. Mona wanted a room for young people to have some fun, meet over a drink listening to music. It was perhaps the Casbah, in 1959, the walls of Liverpool sent away for the first time the peculiar sound Merseybeat, this typically British rock of the Liverpool area on 19 May this year, those who s’ still called the Quarrymen were replaced at short notice Lee Stewart Quartet Georges Harrison, who had marched the day before the opening. George had jumped at the chance to offer his friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Mona was too happy this providential alternative. But it was necessary, in a hurry, the Quarrymen swap their guitars against brushes and repaint the walls before the official opening to the public. They had played in front of 300 people, for 15 shillings each, with a single microphone, a small amp and without drummer scarce in Liverpool. The evenings at the Kasbah had not lasted: Ken Brown, who was at the time of the Quarrymen, had not gone to a concert. He had fallen ill. Mona had insisted that he still touched a part of the recipe. Paul and John did not see it that way and had said goodbye to the Casbah. And it was like that. On 6 August 1960, they are back to the Casbah. There was another group programmed: Black Jacks, whose drummer was none other than the son of Mona Pete Best. The Silver Beatles were struck not by-step his game, but by the beautiful set where he played: a gift from Mother Mona!

The Quarrymen on the opening night of the Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool, 29 August 1959
Beatles to the Casbah in October 1959

Bruno Koshmider recalled Allan Williams. If he wished, the Beatles were in Hamburg bienvenius. But he needed a five-piece band and they were four, still without a drummer! Williams spoke to the Beatles. Sure, it guaranteed them dozens of dates and fees that went with. But there were parents, relatives. Cyn was hardly enchanted, nor Jim McCartney, not to mention Aunt Mimi. Only Louise Harrison was delighted for his son. And then there was George who was still a minor. Stuart was attending the Fine Arts … Anyway, it was the opportunity to go elsewhere, to extract to Liverpool to experience life and make girls laugh … Paul learned that the Jacks were about to separate leaving Pete unemployed! A boon. The next day he invited him to join them. After hearing sham, it was the adventure. They signed with Herr Bruno.

August 1960 – Hamburg – first tour

Hamburg! City of brick and rock, bohemian streets with perfumes, electric city unbridled sex, industrial port with a thousand temptations, Hamburg was the German Liverpool. Or perhaps it was the reverse. John, Paul, George, Stuart and Pete went to this place of perdition, on Reeperbahn, St. Pauli neighborhood, the red light district, the district of beer who dressed dark red and green neon lights, draining all the drunks of the earth in search of fights. Hamburg was known for his Dollhouses, dolls houses that were full of prostitutes. Aunt Mimi, who paid with his person that John joined the School of Fine Arts, was devastated. John promised to write to him. Allan Williams had made an appointment to the group before the Jac, 13 aoput 1960. Allan would lead itself into this adventure at the wheel of his van. Management port. As there were no seats, the Beatles were sitting on their amps. He took in passing an Austrian who worked in Heaven and Hell, a coffee shop on Old Compton Street: His name was Herr Steiner; it would serve as interpreter. The van had been loaded onto a cargo ship at Harwich, with all the equipment, guitars, Vox, the battery set. Then the lines had been released. It was the first time John and the others left their native land. Not easy. In addition, John did not have sea legs despite sinners ancestors! Its four hours ends in the North Sea. They did stop in the Netherlands in Arnhem! There was time to kill. So they took advantage to stretch your legs. There was not much to see, only a war memorial where they made their picture taken by John.

The Beatles with Allan and Beryl Williams and Lord Woodbine, Arnhem war memorial, August 16, 1960
Beatles Arnhem – taken by John

There was also a small music store. The little band went admire instruments, they could not afford. At the end, John was hilarious. Allan wondered what was happening. So John took from his pocket a harmonica. Devil ! He stole a harmonica. We’ll all end up in jail before arriving in Hamburg. Allan sighed.

August 17, 1960 – Hamburg

After a long and arduous journey, they arrived in Hamburg on August 17, 1960. Bruno Koschmider not welcomed them with open arms. It was not the kind of home … It was a kind a little shady, suspicious, who was flirting with prostitution. He had lodged the group behind the screen of a porn film, Bambi Kino, in a murky room, poorly soundproofed, equipped summary beds, bunk. Before bed, we had to do the cleaning, check that there were no bugs. Worse than the military! This was not what the Beatles had dreamed. There was nothing to cook. Then they went out of the harbor without a penny. They fell on the society of British sailors. The owner, a charming guy, offered them milk and a bowl of cornflakes. On the way home, John had groused. But moaning all the time … He had to be careful because George was only 17 years old and, strictly speaking, could not work! Koschmider knew. He held: Mak show boys! Had they launched their arrival, with his Teutonic accent. The anger had passed. They donned their leathers and went up on stage at the Indra. John had scratched on his Rieckenbacker the first chords of the standard of Chuck Berry, filling the walls of the Indra of Rock and Roll: Let me hear Reviews some of That Rock ‘n’ roll music; Any old way you choose it; It’s got a back beat, you can not lose it; Any old time you use it; It’s gotta be rock ‘n’ roll music; If you wanna dance with me … A very simple blues mid built around three agreements. The hearing was then well sparse and mainly consists of prostitutes and their clients, old salts who listened to this strange music skeptical. Koschmider made them play 4 hours a day, between two striptease, seven days a week, for £ 100 a week! The neighbors could do more of this hell racket! 48 nights later, the Indra was closed. Koschmider moved the troupe a few blocks to Kaiserkeller, deserted by Derry and his band. He would play alternately with old acquaintances: Rory Storm and Huricanes! Gradually, they had to talk about themselves and the public had come every day more and had rejuvenated. Germany, ravaged by years of war, was also needed the fresh air. Seeing his foals installed, Allan Williams returned reassured Liverpool.

Image search result for "beatles Kaiserkeller"
Kaiserkeller Beatles – 1960

After the concerts, the Beatles had become used to hang in the busy streets of the neighborhood to relax. There were girls, beer, but he had to be careful because the meat was drunk legion and looking for a fight. Stu had picked up a nasty blow to the face, a night of drinking in a harbor bar. Since then, violent headaches the projected regularly on the ground, hands plastered to his temples, twisted with pain. He sometimes lost sight. And then it happened.

Klaus and Astrid

A concert evening, a strange guy came straying into this cue debauchery. His name was Klaus Voorman, a very nice guy, sophisticated, a little effeminate, wearing the French. Klaus had dragged in the neighborhood and was attracted to the energy of the music of Rory Storm dating back avenue. Intrigued, he had pushed the door Kaiserkeller and sat at a table. Next to him, there were guys in leather, impressive, certainly not here. Klaus was impressed by Rory Storm, he was captivated by leather guy who went up on stage, advertised as The Beatles. It was a music of a new kind, unknown in Germany, particularly catchy. The next day, Klaus was there again, closer to the stage. Then he tried to get his fiancée Astrid in Kaiserkeller. But Astrid had refused, probably frightened by the reputation of the gross area. Klaus had insisted and Astrid had yielded. She also was bewitched. These guys in jeans and cowboy boots, the leather, the violence in music. This unreal atait. She had never seen anything like it. And then there was Stu. This beautiful brown the child’s face that gave the air of bad guys with his sunglasses. In a cruel beauty! His gaze was asked bassist unable to take off. Their eyes met and the mass was said. After the concert, Klaus made the mistake of presenting his bride to Stuart. Stu offered her a drink and she accepted, but not here. Elsewhere. Light years from Kaiserkeller. The Beatles got into a Cheap car with driver to accompany Stu in the strange world of Klaus and Astrid bewitched a bar, wrapped in thick smoke, which served strange concoctions of all colors. Incredible beings inhabited this place, lesbians, artists, sailors, theaters characters. Stu did not think that such a place existed. But it felt good. He felt at home. It was that he sought. It did not take long for the two beings are. Some days. The bassist and photographer parted more. Klaus accepted the fact. Astrid, his childhood friend, his girlfriend no longer his. Life Stu would be German, alongside his beautiful photographer. He moved in with Astrid in the beautiful neighborhoods of Hamburg. John saw the danger immediately. Stu escaped him. Was he jealous? Jealous of this woman who, in a moment, had taken him Stu? Stu if he lost, he lost a lot. His bass player, of course, but also his closest friend … He had trouble accepting it. Yet he could not change it. He knew it. Life Stu does not build around the Rock which, anyway, was not in him an object of desire but just a hobby. Astrid was more important to him. A perfect woman, mysterious artist, interested in his painting. Stu also settled a small workshop in the attic of his apartment. Finally he found the path of art, true! He was admitted to the Fine Arts of Hamburg, a real victory, a real recognition. John was the first to know. It was Stu for the end of the adventure « Beatles ». John was sorry, convinced that Stu was going to miss the train of glory. Without a doubt. They would be the best, Stu also knew. But Stu did not care. It was like that. He had never wanted to learn to play properly bass because it was not his thing. It was the stuff of John. First furious against Astrid, John went to the evidence. It was fucked up. He then opened his shell to let Astrid settle into its landscape. He discovered all the tenderness of this loving woman, that woman artist. He agreed to visit its interior, the workshop where were exposed wonderful pictures, pictures of professional, an artwork that was played on a light partition and shadows. He accepted Astrid take some pictures of the group. She was charmed by their side « rebels » Rock and Roll. Five young Liverpool sitting on old trucks on funds from the old Hamburg, red bricks, black jackets, guitars straps, defying the established order of a provocative look.

Image search result for "beatles hamburg astrid"
Beatles in Hamburg by Astrid KIRCHHERR

Astrid admired Stu. But it is not yet part of her refined world. She then tried to mellow rocker. Hair slicked back and wearing black jackets disappeared to make way for the bowl cut and psychedelic jackets. The other Beatles adopted the new style to stand out from the competition, first George and Paul and finally John. Only Pete kept his banana to Elvis. Stu party and Paul slipped on bass. It was what he had always wanted. Ousted man he considered the weakest element of the group. They had already played live in the following errors Stu. Now, nothing prevented them from becoming real musicians. And concerts are chained to four this time.


John was fed up with the pace set by Herr Bruno. The boss forced the group to incessant marathons. George had his hands in blood and Pete could not hold her chopsticks. As for John’s voice, she looked more like anything … even more time to go pee or a beer! They were too tired. Ursula, a caring customer, then offered them little blue pills effects she said miraculous. Indeed. Reassembled like springs, we stopped them no more. They could play for hours with an energy of the devil. The blisters on the hands, fingers skinned were no longer an obstacle to the sets of several hours. Beers, amphetamines and cafes. Soon, sleep and appetite disappeared too. Paul began to worry. We could not continue. He had to leave the Kaiserkeller. The Jets were playing Tony Sheridan Top Ten, a club best range at 136 Reeperbahn. The Jets had announced to the boss, one Peter Eckorn their wish to return to England. Peter Eckhorn was the sworn enemy of Herr Bruno. If he could bite his Beatles … He spoke quietly to John: the Top Ten offered a priori better conditions, better acoustics and good pay. A verbal agreement was quickly found. They would finish dates in Kaiserkeller, then play for Peter Eckorn. But John had underestimated the power of nuisance Herr Bruno, who had access to the police. The latter managed to get kicked Georges of Germany: too young to work! November 21, 1960. George left the territory. Astrid and Stu accompanied him to the station. He returned only in Liverpool, death in the soul, by the first train, loaded with a consequent material: an amp bought in Hamburg, a guitar and several suitcases. The train took him to the port of Hook in the Netherlands, where he sailed for England and Harwich. Another train took him back to Liverpool, sitting in the hallway on his amp, surrounded by business and military completions drunk. It was not the best 24 hours of George who felt suddenly so alone and penniless, his entire fortune being spent in the train tickets and taxi fares. He returned home where his family was waiting. He knew he would soon be followed by the rest of the troupe.

Paul, John, Pete had contractual obligations Kaiserkeller for 59 performances. They were 50. They therefore had to play until November 29, alternating with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Deprived of their Lead guitar, they assured minimum, preferring to spend time with their future employer. The first Top Ten approached. On the evening of 28, Paul and Pete went to get a few things at the Bambi Kino. It was already dark in the room and there was more light. To find one, they blazed a condom hung on a nail in the wall that was slightly blackened. The next day, November 29, Paul and Pete were in prison, accused of attempted arson! Certainly, he had long arms that Koschmider. Die Polizei St. Pauli took them by force to the Top Ten to get their business: they had 5 minutes, no more. Then they were loaded on a plane to London, unceremoniously, without a penny, shilling also their last in passing taxi notes. On 1 December 1960, they were back to square one, as poor as they were gone. In Hamburg, remained only John and Stu. John played a bit with other groups, but without enthusiasm. At Christmas, he preferred to throw in the towel and join the fold too. All that for this ! Annoyed, he did not try to contact the other Beatles. He was no longer sure of anything. He felt artist, painter or musician he did not know. But the boxes of striptease, fights, drunken sailors, was this what he wanted? Hours to flay the fingers on the strings, the pints of beer, amphetamines to keep going without advancing an inch … He needed time to think. Neither George nor Paul, who began doing odd jobs, knew that he had returned.

The atmosphere here has changed. Apache Shadows had just made a box and all groups were trying to imitate this soporific music of former comrades Cliff Richard. The Shadows were very clean on them in their newlywed suit. They swayed on stage three dance steps, as well regulated metronomes. A light years away from the energy released by the Beatles, provocative leathers and saturated amplifiers. Shit! according to John. But it was still a place for them in Liverpool? Allan Williams had tried to climb in Liverpool another Top Ten, for groups such as the Beatles returned to Hamburg. But the box was destroyed by a fire even before its opening and the Beatles had no more base. Or rather! QSuand n’u he had pnulle place to go, there avaittoujours The Casbah …

December 1960 – Casbah again

Pete contacted Mom and a date was selected for the first concert of the Beatles. But there was one problem to solve: Stu was in Hamburg with Astrid and Paul definitely did not want the interim. The Beatles drew back into the pool of Black Jack to complete the group Chas Newby was borrowed to play bass. Some dates in the Casbah was the opportunity to put some order in the minds and to make themselves known in their homeland. Allan Williams proposed to the Litherlandhall. They borrowed some gear and prepared posters « Live in Hamburg, the sensational Beatles!  » Poster for The Beatles at Litherland Town Hall, Liverpool, 27 December 1960Everyone expected to see play a German group. The crowd was shining. She was surprised to hear their English so perfect! It was the fury. For the first time, John had the feeling that at last something was happening, they had become good, much better than the crap Cliff and his Shadows. Not having the time to ensure the logistics between concerts, sometimes in three different locations on the same day they hired him Neil Aspinal, a friend of Pete as Road Manager. Paul knew a long time: they had shared the same classes at the Liverpool Institute. Then he became accountant. Neil was staying with Mona, in a room he rented and, it was said, had had an affair with her … Neil was especially the major asset of owning an old Van gray and red. He became their regular driver. Van quickly became covered with graffiti fans, especially young teenage love, always more enterprising.

In Hamburg Stuart was worried. He seldom went out, afraid to be notified of his deportation order. Astrid however, introduced him to the underground Hamburghs, places to insiders, populated by characters from fantastic films. It was a perpetual party where everything could be eaten at will, drugs, alcohol and sex. During one of those evenings, Stu made again took severe pain at the temples. He collapsed on the stage. Astrid was panicked. Klaus helped to bring home, inanimate. But again, the alert was brief. He went to see a doctor who advised him to stop this depraved life. Stu put it on the back of amphetamines, then asked Astrid in marriage. It was like that Stu … January 20, 1961, Stuart, certain to receive him as his expulsion order, joined the band in Liverpool. Astrid, fearing for his fragile health, insisted on paying him a plane ticket. He quickly realized that the Beatles had changed dimensions: concert halls were crowded, especially adolescent girls increasingly hysterical. It became madness. A Cave, George celebrated his 18th birthday! Mrs. Harrison wept for joy. His son was no longer a child. His son had become what he was. He had succeeded where they had failed.

April 1961 – Top Ten – Hamburg

The Top Ten was still waiting for the Beatles. Now that George was a man nothing prevented their return. On March 15, 1961, Stuart offered to prepare the ground for the Beatles. He devoted himself to return to scout Germany. The others were not fooled. Of course it languished Astrid … Klaus somehow managed to set the necessary paperwork and April 1, it was done: the Beatles were back in the Top Ten, for sets 19 hours at two in the morning, the next 92 nights! They had announced to Allan Williams that this time he would not touch stamp: after all, they had managed only to sign the contract with Eckorn and they did not see on what basis their manager had to touch anything . Allan Williams took it very badly. « After all he had done for them! « Had he lamented. « Well, he must go it alone! « Pete and John resumed their nights out in the back streets of Hamburg. Pete was the handsome, taciturn, and John was the one who sought shit, too noisy. When John was drunk, he liked the fight, it was like that, a guy hateful, arrogant, because he’s in the blood. Then he passed a girl to another as one changes shirts. Pete, meanwhile, fell in love with a stripper. Every night, he waited for her to finish undressing. He often came home very late, ie very early, around 10 am. He collapsed on his bed Paul did not like it because the band members were then shifted to rehearsals. Paul was the perfectionist band, who loved precision, well done, respect for time. It was he who was the Beatles musically progress by its requirement of every moment. Now they were true professionals that were demanded and they could not afford such écarts.Il only wanted one thing: the recognition. A record!

Image search result for "astrid klaus beatles"
Beatles in 1961: Sutcliffe (with glasses) and Pete Best (right)

Tony Sheridan and Ringo Starr

Tony Sheridan was known for being the first to play the electric guitar to the English TV. He was also the first to have opened the doors to Hamburg with British groups. It was in the late 50s Long before the Beatles, he had scoured the bars and concert halls, including the Star Club. He had become a little local star. An alcoholic evening, towards the Top Ten, he discovered the four kids to horrible Liverpool accents, halfway between Elvis and James Dean, a bad boy band came from working class suburbs. He soon realized that they were the same world, they shared the love of Rock and Roll. Tony had asked the group name. The Beatles ? What a funny name ! Who had this idea? John Lennon, the hard of the troupe. Tony returned to listen. They had met then, son of needles, they hit it off, and then decided to play together. They were soon inseparable, sharing the same digs shabby, no water, no electricity, sleeping on cots as the Foreign Legion. This proximity has allowed everyone to move forward, each taking advantage of knowledge of the other. Tony they had presented his group including drummer Richard Starkey who called Ringo Starr.

Image search result for "ringo starr in 1962"
Ringo Starr 1962

When Pete was sick or too tired, Ringo replaced him. Tony had made them discover the Rhythm and Blues, particularly Little Richard. Paul had quickly nicknamed the teacher! For he knew everything. George spent time with Tony for more progress on guitar. While they played together on stage at the Star Club, Bert Kaempfert, an agent of Polydor, was seduced by their performance and offered them to record My Bonnie. The next day they were in the studios of Polydor. My Bonnie was the first song recorded by The Beatles. On the album cover, released the following October, the Beatles had become the Beat Brothers.

Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers – My Bonnie – October 23, 1961

July 2, 1961 – Back to Liverpool – Merseybeat

The Beatles, after 92 performances were needed vacation. The homecoming was in everyone’s head, except that this stubborn Stu decidedly more in love than musician. No eviction, this time, just the end of a contract. The next date would be in Saint John Hall in Liverpool on 13 July 1961 and 14 in The Cave. Began a new series of grueling concert, interrupted only by a brief getaway from Paul and John in Paris, to celebrate 21 years of the latter. The Cave, this den of Jazz, demanded more and more. John is found Bill Harry, another friend of Fine Arts. They first met in 1959 and Harry was immediately seduced by this Teddy Boy with gangster-like. It was he who had introduced him Stuart. The three friends had spent time together at Ye Cracke, a pub on Rice Street or at Jacaranda. Bill Harry was now more into jazz. He had discovered the Rock and Roll late, through the stars of the moment Liverpool: always the inevitable Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Harry had always about him a notebook in which he took notes. He said that Liverpool was like New Orleans, but with the Rock instead of Jazz. A teeming city, a city of culture that lacked a specialized newspaper. The articles he submitted to daily invariably ended up in the trash. So he decided to start his own music magazine, covering the rock scene in Liverpool. He called Merseybeat. The first issue came out on July 6, 1961. He became a few months the bible of Liverpool Teenagers. The Beatles were often coverage. And this coverage fell into the capable hands of a particular player. On 9 November 1961, in the depths of The Cave, this particular player watching the scene. His name was Brian Epstein.

November 1961 – Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein was already the director of NEMS music industry, the North End Music Stores which, originally, was an electrical equipment store established by his father in 1957, on Great Charlotte Street .. A rather brilliant director since had the store’s main musical showcase of northern England. October 21, 1961, Raymond Jones, a regular, asked him with The Beatles My Bonnie … Brian Epstein knew of no group by that name. But true professional wanting to please the customer, he promised to investigate and find the way quickly. Raymond Jones clarified that the group came from Hamburg and had probably registered there under a German label. The next day, he started his first research, two girls stood at the counter to make the same request: My Bonnie with the Beatles … Brian apologized for his ignorance. He did not know the Beatles.

  • But if you know them! they resumed in heart.
  • How does I know? asked Epstein.
  • They were there at the same desk last week. It was the type of leather that were you fired because they demanded records, listened and never bought anything.
  • Ah yes ! They’re the Beatles! Young people not very friendly …
  • You can do something for us? They are so awesome!
  • I promise you. My Bonnie if any, no later than next week, I would have flown.

Beatles. Beatles! Yet it was saying something … He reached into his pile of old magazines and came out in the last Merseybeat! Bingo! It was there that he had seen them. On the cover, there was John, Paul, Pete and George. In the inside pages, he learned that they were the nights of The Cavern, the club of Ray Mc Fall. Brian knew Cave. He was a former jazz club on Matthew Street, not far from NEMS, a room in the basement that had been conceived as a replica of the tomb of the Huchette in Paris. Recently, Cave had converted to Rock and Roll. Brian called different record companies. Nobody knew My Bonnie, much less the Beatles. Raymond Jones said they had used a German label. Surely Polidor! He called them. Polidor knew My Bonnie, which reached the 5th place in the German charts! But not the Beatles. Only Beat Brothers. Brian immediately ordered 500 copies … Raymond Jones and the two girls were the first served.

Brian quickly tired of what he did in life. Today he had come to the end of a cycle and felt like something new. Why not manager? Manager of a group of musicians. How about those Beatles? He decided to go see them in their den at The Cave. In great professional, he should anyway be aware of the music scene.

In his traditional costume at lunchtime, November 9, 1961, he was on hand with his assistant James Alistair Taylor. A long tail flowed in the streets. But Brian was a person who had in Liverpool: NEMS was the biggest seller of the north of England drives. Ray Mc Fall came to him and showed him a back door. He pushed the door into a metal staircase. A moist heat and the first Roll over Beethoven agreements struck when the face of Brian. While there, spread out a dark, vaulted room, lined with red brick, while long, smoky, overheated when a hysterical crowd waving is. A cloister-phobic hell! On stage, four leather individuals did show. Brian and James sat in the club background, quietly and ordered a beer. Brian was not in his world. It was rather a man of good manners, an elegant man and the guys on stage were not very clean on them. They wore leather bad boys on old yet banned the club jeans, they smoked a lot, swallowing beers beers, ate sandwiches and spoke with the front rows. After this first impression, Brian was interested in the singer It was at that point John. There was something magnetic, animal in his way: a particular sound. The bassist was good too. There was not a good singer, but two! The Lead guitar also stood out! There was clear potential! The sound of The Cave then announced: « Sir Brian Epstein is tonight in the audience! « Not the best initiative of Ray Mc Fall, then thought Brian.

At the end of the concert, and Brian Taylor became accompany the lodge. Such a small lodge a cash drawer! George immediately asked, « And what brings you here Mr. Epstein? « Brian had loved. Brian wanted to meet them. He had proposals to make them. Unexpected for the Beatles! Allan Williams had just let go. A few days later, in the Casbah became the headquarters of the Beatles, James Alistair Taylor signed their contracts Brian would keep 25% of revenue for him! John was astonished. Taylor explained that, initially, Mr. Epstein is expected to lose a lot of money. Brian was now their unofficial manager with the firm intention to dig their hearings in the best houses of discs! But the Beatles were to leave for the third time in Hamburg. They promised to Peter Eckhorn still playing Top Ten. « Impossible in these conditions! You’re better than that! « Brian had told them. The Star Club was the Rolls rooms Hamburg. Brian somehow managed to squeeze in the Beatles but with a professional stamp! The Beatles had suddenly changed dimension.

Before leaving for Germany, Brian, who knew Mike Smith of Decca home, took down their first hearing. On 1 January 1962, one day cold at the dawn of the new year, Neil Aspinal had conveyed the side of West Hampstead, north London. The Beatles had played a few tracks, including Besame Mucho and Till It Was You. Mike Smith had listened and had been quite satisfied. He promised a quick response. But in March, still nothing. Brian was losing patience then returned to London to go to the news.  » Go back to Liverpool, Mr. Epstein, guitars groups will disappear! « Had thrown Dirk Rowe, the artistic director of Decca. What an idiot … He will bite in the fingers, Brian said. And, as expected, April 13, 1962, the Beatles had left for Hamburg this time and for the first time by plane!

April 1962 – Last in Hamburg

Astrid had greeted them alone at the airport.

  • Where is Stu? « Asked John.
  • Stu is gone. Had she simply replied. Stu died. The 10.
  • What do you mean ?
  • A cerebral hemorrhage. He was taken from one of his terrible headaches. Then he collapsed in the middle of his studio, still covered with paint.
  • It is not possible ! It’s not true ?!
  • He died I say. It’s just me …

John, for once, had let tears run down his face rocker. John had lost his teenage brother. He was alone. Alone in the middle of the crowd. But there was a contract to honor. Klaus attended pleased to First. He saw John come on stage dressed as a maid, wearing a long wooden board. He walked along the stage and eventually hit the microphone and some drum sets. Then he saw clean armpits Paul and George. Everyone laughed. But Stuart was dead. Klauss shuddered. But he said that clowns are as follows: put a comedy in tragedy. The show must go on. It was left for 48 nights of music.

May 9, 1962 – London, at the headquarters of Parlophone

EMI and Columbia Records had not even wanted to give them a chance. Too many groups were circulating. And, it seemed, the London groups were more likely than others … We had to do a Beatles London group … A chastened group, able to open the doors of high society, the record companies! Brian decided that, on stage, black leather, cigarettes, alcohol galore, it was over. The Beatles are now in costumes and salute their audience. Their sets were to be composed exclusively of their flagship titles, organized millimiters. The idea was to seduce! Attracting crowds, of course, but especially policy makers, those who had the power to take them to the sky. He began to write little notes in which he gave his first directives. Neil Aspinal was responsible for transmitting the group. And then there was that first meeting with Georges Martin, May 8, 1962 and this appointment fixed the next day …

May 9, 1962, in impeccable black suit lying on a white shirt ironed, Brian appears before the seat of EMI. It is 8 hours and it looks like a young man making his communion.

Image search result for "brian epstein intercom"
Brian Epstein

He abandoned to chance the beam NEMS Brian discs bought a beautiful silk tie India. Especially do not miss this event! This gentleman Georges Martin could make his fortune and to finally take off the career of the Beatles. For once, he is convinced that luck is with him. It’s Syd Colman who presented Mr. Martin. In his pocket, the magnetic strips. Recordings of these four foals. The sound is not great, but it should do the trick. It has four songs, covers of old American standards, Aint she sweet, That’s All I Want and similar stuff. Before him stands the imposing white facade with the very top, in letters of fire the three letters legendary EMI. Sweaty hands, breath a little acid, Brian goes on the floors. It must be said that he used to be like, more or less politely … Brian is expected. It is in front of the director’s door. He puts his tie up, adjusts his suit, his black hair smooth and knocks on the door. Georges Martin opened it in person. It is impeccable. A true Lord of all British phlegm. It shows him the only chair of his spartan office and offers him a Ceylon tea Brian happily accepts. He talks about the Beatles, Hamburg and suggested he listen to the tests recorded on the tapes. Without saying a word, George slipped into a small magneto that sits on his desk. Brian pressed into the leather chair, probe the smallest features of his face, looking for some kind of excitement. But nothing.

Image search result for "epstein martin"
Georges Martin and Brian Epstein

Georges just listen, almost religiously, expert music. Brian said he had to see so scroll in the office of the guys like me … He will send me back to Hamburg, for sure! OK, I want to meet them well. Make an appointment with my secretary to the Abbey Road studio. June 6! Bingo!

June 6, 1962 – Abbey Road

On June 2, the Beatles finally left the overheated atmosphere of the nights the Reeperbahn. And June 6, a white van is not far from the entrance of the EMI studios Station, Abbey Road. Four skeletons come out. To believe that they have not eaten for days! They are waiting in the studio # 2. And that’s kind of old English lord that welcomes! A type of rare elegance, dignified, tall and thin, carefully plated hair back … John sat on his Vox. This Georges Martin is clearly not their world of black jackets, electric guitars and smoky clubs. Georges Martin proves affable and places each in the studio.

  • You have questions ? asked he.
  • No. But I do not like your tie! responds Georges.
  • But it has nothing to do with music!
  • No. But I do not like.
  • We can start ?

The four are set up, connect the jacks on the amp, adjust the volume and go. Georges Martin back at his first hearing. Songs are average, but there is a sound, something new. Drummer Pete Best is not in the other three. John and Paul are true leaders. We should try with a real drummer, to see what happens. George took the opportunity to pause to talk to Paul a contract? Why not. But on one condition. drummer is replaced!

On June 8, The Beatles formalize their collaboration with Brian Epstein.

September 1962 – Abbey Road  – Love me do

This September 4, that’s good. Recorded. Pete Best was left at home. No one dared tell him the news. So Brian took care of it. Cruel to leave as a friend by the roadside, without explanation, after he had given to the group. Instead, we thought of Ringo Starr, who played in Hamburg. But he’s taken! A phone call and Ringo accepts. Love me do … is the first recorded title. But Ringo Starr is also sidelined and replaced for the final registration by Andy White, a studio drummer.

Beatles and Georges Martin

Love me do enters the charts at the fifth position. An honorable success. But fame is far …

Georges offers How you do it , a title composed by Mitch Murray. If you want a UN number take this song. John does not like. Paul not more. Never mind. The George offers another group of Epstein universe: Gerry and the Pace makers.

November 1962 – Abbey Road – Please please me

John comes up with one of his compositions: Please Please Me. A title inspired by Only The Lonely Roy Orbinson. The song marks a real change in the way of composing. Until then, the Beatles Blues stuck to the structure, around three main major chords. In Please Please Me, John starts well with the structure of the altrenant and Mi « Last night I say thesis words to my girl, » but in escaping largely in the wake of « Come-on », where he added to ensure the growth of its rocket, an F sharp minor, a C-sharp minor, to prepare the explosion Si: « Please Please me oh Yeah ». A real fireworks!

John wrote Please please me secretly in his room Menlove Avenue, away from prying eyes of Aunt Mimi, still skeptical about the chances of John to live his damn guitar! He had already tried to cram its composition B side of Love me do , but Georges had shown skeptical: « Too soft! Too slow. « But George had not completely closed the door! « It was a good song, » bluesy « to keep for later … » He gave to John, however, some tips: Speeds up the tempo! Adds the harmonica like Love me do . John and auitres had returned to work and came back with a modified version, more rapdie John providing lead vocals, Paul George and vocal harmonies.

We start the session enregistremens. Ringo has finally confirmed on drums. He is relieved. Since the matter Andy White, he was afraid to live a scenario to Pete Best. He waves his bagettes and in good metronome that is, launching the famous « One, Two, Three Four! « . John begins the intro harmonica fire Uncle George. Above perched without his glass cage, Martin listening. But after four small steps, it interrupts everyone, « Not good! We start again. « Ringo stimulus thus: » One, Two, Three Four! « . Eighteen taken later, Martin only beginning to be satisfied. He then launches into a prediction: « Boys, you stand there your first Number One! « For the B side, John offers Ask me why , already recorded with Pete Best at the meeting of 6 June 62 but then destroyed because unconvincing for EMI teams …  Please please me out January 11th 1963 signed McCartney – Lennon, in that order. And became, as George had predicted, number 1. The Beatles will finally be able to leave their liverpulien microcosm to invade England.

February 1963 – Abbey Road – From me to you

Avce the success of Please please me, the Beatles are required across England. It is Brian Epstein who knocks on doors of record companies or newspapers, are the show producers, theater owners who demand them! We need to sort for rentenir only what is good for his foals. He was offered a tour with Helen Shapiro , the star-child, already owns two hits. Why not ? Neil Aspinal provide transportation in its eternal white van. Two dates are scheduled, the first at York, the second in Shrewsbury. During the trip between the two concert halls, Paul and John having fun on their guitar, without taking himself seriously. They find melodic lines, raise above agreements and some worms. Helen Shapiro listening. The program of love, yet love. Paul grabbed the newspaper lying on the seat beside him, just to know their evolution in the charts! New Musical Express headline that day: From us to you . « Not a bad title for a song. « Says Paul. From me to you will be the title. This is the first truly joint work, for which the « McCartney – Lennon » really makes sense. From me to you starts a little as usual, with a succession of chords in C, F major and Sol, as in good old blues embellished 7th. But the bridge, Paul adds, and this is a sacred evolution, an unexpected agreement: minor soil to carry the « I Got That long arms to hold you … » The bridge suddenly becomes melodic and conducts an uncharted shore up -There … They also consist Thank you girl and ask Helen title she would see for prohain single. Without hesitation, she looks for From me to you

On 5 March 1963 From me to you   is canned. Georges Martin brings his expert paw, incorporating the harmonica and a guitar solo. But John has a cold. Too bad, we recorded the rest and John will come back later to the harmonica. Mixing will be directed by Geoff. For side B, the Beatles enregistent Thank you girl . Love bears, enjoy it! Paul think we should please the girls to make money. So simple texts, the Love, the « I love you, you love me, we love » and the female will be in the pocket with the thousands of Pounds! The Beatles are drowning under tons of letters and parcels. Often love letters, marriage requests. Neil Aspinal is enlisted to peel this correspondence and sometimes to meet them! Thank you girl! So, in honor of their admirers.

Oh, oh
You’ve been good to me
You made me glad When I was blue
And eternally I’ll always be in love with you
And all I gotta do is thank you girl, thank you girl
I Could tell the world a thing or two about love
I know little girl only a fool Would doubt our love
And all I gotta do is thank you girl, thank you girl
Thank you girl for lovin ‘me the way That You do

On 11 April 1963 From me to you   is in stores. The song is still stamped « McCartney – Lennon » and it is the tears. The song quickly became Number One. Ironically, it takes the place of How you do it , the song denied by the gang of four and passed on to Gerry and the Pace makers . The Beatles decided to make a chow with each upward trend on the charts. Result, they take a lot of weight in this beginning of year 1963.

As for Please Please me , Georges Martin tries the American expereince. It has contacts with Capitol. He sends tapes. « You will see, that’s four there are fantastic! « . We replied that he does not know anything to the US market as the Beatles are not as good as it ever did british imposed here! Proof, From me to you reaches only the 113th place of the US charts. He did not insist.

July 1963 – Abbey Road – She Loves You

With the success, the Beatles become great travelers: they live either in the van Neil, or in hotel rooms. The trips, concerts, trips yet, a few hours rest … they are left little time for composing. But you still have to put it to work: friend Georges Martin claimed a Hit every three months! Sacred challenge! But it is well suited to John and Paul have in stock a lot of non-completed projects, a legacy of the period Hamburg. After the concert at the Majestic Balroom, they lock themselves in the hotel room, armed with guitar and some ideas. As always, they want to innovate, especially in terms of the text for which they have previously abused the « Me » and « You ». Paul proposes to move to the third person by imagining a dialogue between two friends, first persuading the second he found the gem and should make efforts to preserve it. Because he should be happy with a girl like that. Their first hit interplanetary born: She Loves You!

The Beatles seriously starting to feel it move. The crowds were friendly; they became hysterical, especially when they are women. The screams did not bother them too much. However, the hysteria that has gripped fans seems out of control. The Beatles are constantly in the eye of the storm they have caused. Paul saw an innocent student turn into a split second by a wild beast and jump on him. Brian is afraid. Neil has to resort to Mal Evans, a beefy the first time dipped into the pool of The Cave. « A gentle giant, » said Paul. As well take someone you know to whom you can trust completely. Mal Evans gladly accepted and joined the little party seconding Neil on tour. On July 1, 1963, the Beatles appear before the EMI recording studios. This is madness. The crowd barely contained with cords of Bobbies! Of screaming girls calling of love, a look, a kiss, anything … Nothing seems to stop them. Compressed, exhausted by hours of waiting, some vanish. The others are crying, shouting in to tear the vocal cords. John think back to 1956, when he had seen on a cinema screen these girls kneeling before the king Elvis, their demigod. Now it’s his turn, he is a demigod? We made offerings to him, they shout his name, it collapses in tears before him, as you would in church in front of the relics of Christ … It is no longer sure of anything. He wanted to be on top and now he sees the Holy Grail, he gets scared; would go back, the Kaiserkeller example. The Job Is that good? It is no longer so sure.

Evans leaves most. Including during the recording sessions. Brian did very well to call on his services. That reassures everyone. We start the first taken. A teenager trickier than the others managed to cross the security cordon and rushed into the studio number 2: She throws herself on that Ringo did not see coming. Evans plate to the ground before dragging out of the studio. « Best to barricade! « Brian thinks. « Protect her fans: We never saw that. To say that a few months earlier, we thanked those girls! « John shiver.

She Loves You was born quickly. The Beatles superimposed voice, John Paul singing the dominant and the third: the sound « Beatles ». Cardboard predictable! She Loves You was Number One on September 13 in the UK.

Oct. 1963 – Abbey Road – I wanna hold your hand

No time to breathe. Strike while the iron is hot. We have seen so many bands disappear after a dazzling success. John and Paul submit their work on the loom. They make their home in London with the family of the actress Jane Ashner on Wimpole Street. Jane is 17 and is the girlfriend of Paul. In April 63, she had obtained for the BBC a few minutes to interview the Beatles. It was enough: his fiery hair, his blue eyes twinkling had seduced Paul nice Beatles.

At the bottom of the stairs, near the piano, the strings vibrate, the agreements are linked, graffiti cover entire pages of paper, words slips, a few notes. Eye to eye, they seek to give their voices, harmony, something that strikes the mind. Paul tries a major.  » That’s it ! « Interrupted John.  » You’re there ! « Abbey Road Directorate to record I Want to hold your hand .

For the occasion, Georges Martin proposes to test new equipment that can separate four recording tracks. The studio becomes a true musical laboratory where it explores new territories every day. The Beatles are so rigged by years of Live that it must be their seven catches. It does not need more for This boy occupying side B. The success is phenomenal. Record stores are mobbed. Everywhere, it’s a riot. Pre-orders were exceptional; sales are more. The royal family is interested in them. Beatlemania has just begun. We cover the Beatles, we dress to the Beatles. Newspapers specialize as Beatles Monthly. Just write on a piece of Beatles tee shirt sales explode, simply broadcast the Beatles on the radio for the hearing batting records. The Beatles brand, which had been born on a corner table a 1960 evening is promised with an exceptional future. Brian struggles to manage all this pressure. His dream is heightened, certainly. It has the rights to 25% of the earnings of the Beatles! It is therefore rich. Very rich. But with the enormous pressure exerted on his shoulders, his depressive character occasionally gets top. He is Jewish and homosexual, double punishment in the West still retrograde 60s-sulfur much, thinking the world is against him. He finds loopholes in repeated nightlife, and then in the drug, as crutches that help him stand up. But for how long ?

January 29, 1964 – Can not buy me love

Brian sent the Beatles in Paris. Paul is the Hotel Georges V in battisse beautiful Haussmann style nestled in the avenue of the same name, perpendicular to the Champs Elysees. 18 nights are held to ensure the first part of Sylvie. He made up a piano in the outcome to the Beatles. Her bare feet sink into the thick fur of luxury carpet. To say that two years ago he was in Scotland with Johnny Gentle in shabby hotels, barely heated, he had full holes shoes and had to whine to get some of this devil Pounds Larry Parnes. At his side, stands Georges Martin. In an hour it will prepare for the concert. The moments to compose available are still scarce. Do not miss opportunity. He wants to return to the blues. The structure will be that of the Blues in E major. The chorus, like From me to you , will, meanwhile, minor! We should not still be like everyone else. Can not buy me love. Paul is quite happy with his find: he returned to his early influences, with a fast tempo like « Motown » and his Rock Billy 50s Georges Martin features an intro, the other George a little guitar solo and the title is ready. Paris studios of EMI are available in the coming days. That’s good. The little band visits the seventeenth and settled. Georges Martin proposed adding harmonies and finally offers to remove them. Four taken are sufficient. Helen Shapiro, who is present in the studio, is enthusiastic. We took the opportunity to save She Loves You in German for the market in Germany. For the B-side, John offers You can do that , an autobiographical song in which he shows his tendency to jealousy. For the occasion George uses his new Rickenbacker 12-string. But it was John who finally load the solo. We find Paul and George harmonies that come strengthened John’s voice on « GReeeeN ».

It is here that the Beatles Paris learn that I want to hold your hand is number one in the USA! They had asked this condition for Brian to conquer the New World. For many others it is broken teeth starting with Cliff Richard. The Beatles have more excuses. Especially since I wanna hold your hand is up to the surface other securities that were thought lost in the deep waters of the US charts: She Loves You, Love Me Do, From me to You and Please please me trustent now the top places. We never saw that. Even Elvis never had as many consecutive titles at the top. Capitol is compelled to yield to the request and begins to squeeze the Beatles to the chain. Brian had enough. He is overwhelmed with phone calls, tons of letters and parcels, requests for tours. He is in his assistant Derk Taylor Souti a e n flawless, including managing the press. L es Beatles will cross the Atlantic, England, after Liverpool had become too small. It is through television that the British invasion will occur in million US households: the Ed Sullivan show on February 3, 1964. On March 16, George celebrates 21 years. He received thirty thousand letters birthday! That same March 16 bins fill millions of rounds of 45 Can not buy me love . The Beatles now hold 60% of the US market for Singles and the top 5 of the charts. They put 12 songs in the top 100, another record beating Elvis who in 1956 placed 9.

  • # 1 – Can not Buy Me Love
  • 2 – Twist and Shout
  • 3 – She Loves You
  • 4 – I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • 5 – Please Please Me
  • No. 31 – I Saw Her Standing There
  • No. 41 – From Me to You
  • No. 46 – Do You Want to Know a Secret
  • No. 58 – All My Loving
  • No. 65 – You Can not Do That
  • No. 68 – Roll Over Beethoven
  • No. 79 – Thank You Girl

o be continued…