I read to you the patient of the Sans-souci Joseph KESSEL

Montmartre, 1935. Behind the steamy windows of the Sanssouci, an elegant woman wrapped in a sable coat short in the rain. His red hair soaked by rain falls like a gold fountain elegant shoulders. She disappears into the Parisian night. The next day in the same place, behind the same fogged windows of Sans Souci, the same elegant silhouette press on the sidewalk, smacking his sharp heels on the asphalt. Who is she ? Where is she going ? I do not know yet already it fascinates me.

It is mounted on the third floor of a posh building. I ride my turn and knock on the door. These are the eyes of a child that emerge from the darkness. His name is Max. He is crippled. It shows me the pass of the Sanssouci. Her name is Elsa. She is German. Her husband Michael remained in Germany. He is a prisoner of the Nazis. Max is Jewish and he was tortured which explains his infirmities. Elsa loves her husband deeply. For now, it comes out singing in a cabaret. Because he needs money for Max, for her, but also for Michael, to get him out of the camp where he was interned … She loves him with all his soul, his whole body in an exchange of letters heartbreaking.

A nameless dread distorted this trembling whisper. A terror that bordered on panic quartered beautiful face.
– But what have you so unforgivable crime committed against Hitler? I asked, jokingly.
– Me neither, but they arrested my husband, once they came to power. If I had not escaped me, they threw me in jail as an accomplice.
– of what? The pass of the Sanssouci – Joseph KESSEL.

But the firm cabaret and Elsa loses her job. I am his friend and doing my best to help him, even though my journalist takes me a long time. I attend so helpless a living hell: Elsa always in search of money accept the unacceptable to continue to hope … It is sinking deeper into the blackness of the night, in squalid places in prostitution , alcohol and drugs, blinded by love that unfortunately exists only in his letters.

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Romy Schneider in The Passante of Sanssouci

This is the story of a total sacrifice, the descent into hell of a woman ready to do anything for love, to lose his dignity, his body, his being …