What is populism? A definition.

Everyone talks about it, but nobody knows exactly what it is. The movement of yellow vests, a Popular Movement (From the Latin Populus: the people), we did it help to see things a little clearer?

What is populism? A definition.

Populism is a strategy (or ideology) policy that considers only the (small) people are benevolent and legitimate. The populist postulates that only the speech of the people is consistent and relevant. Although a majority, this word is unfairly excluded from public debate by malicious elites, too remote from reality. Indeed, democratic institutions have been built by these malicious elites for their benefit. The populist ideology aims to reverse (if necessary by force) that hierarchy to install a dictatorship of the people (we used to say a dictatorship of the proletariat).

The populist is Manichean

The simplistic populist world is divided into two homogeneous and antagonistic blocs with;

  • the well block (the people, the workers, artisans, farmers, nurses …), victimized, characterized by its purity, kindness, solidarity, defense of values, brotherhood …;
  • the hard block (the elites, media, rich, finance, globalization) , characterized by greed, selfishness, lies, manipulation …

Small manual populist perfect

The populist to be a master in the art of victimization. It should not be afraid of support against truths (the debt is an invention of elites). It must address the crowds with simple words slamming (purchasing power elites, corruption …) and repeat loops. It must have two or three ideas (no more) simple, as RIC, the increase of the minimum wage, which meet the legitimate expectations or not. It should appear as one advocate of the people, against those who despoil it, handle it. It has a priori no ulterior motive, but in fact it enormously.

Populist threatens democracy

The populist (what he says) only covers the interest of the people. He is spokesman and must reduce it to a homogeneous whole, because it is difficult to defend the thousands of contradictory ideas that wind in the heart of the crowd. All those who cross the red line director (two or three simple ideas) are immediately qualified as traitors, threatened and become enemies. Several yellow vests just discovered to their cost.

Populism is the opposite of democratic debate

The populist imposes its guideline. While posing as defender of the people, fight against any competing ideas, including those that come from the same people, if necessary by lying. The populist does not like the debate because it holds the truth. And the truth is not discussed. Why a great debate? Why debate the truth? 1 + 1 = 2! it does not debate.

It is difficult to resist populist

For oppose the populist is good and oppose the majority people. It is openly appear as bad and minority. Moreover, the use of populist group phenomenon: when one is part of a group, it is difficult to express his views, on pain of being rejected, of being threatened. Thus, in Nazi Germany of the 30s, mass, including lighted, acceded to the most nauseating ideas. In packs, we prefer correct perception not to be excluded. Some yet dare say against the official word (eg Ingrid Levasseur or Jacquelne Mouraud). They are immediately disqualified. Other repeat the watchwords.

Even those who did not know the principle of the ICN, it was three weeks ago, seem to discover a real passion for the citizens’ initiative referendum!

Anger (or hate) as fuel

The fight can weld the troops. Anger helps deter bad apples. And anger is telegenic! Hate is compatible TV ratings! What better way to attract the viewer a burning car, a pavement laid on a CRS? Our media, we know, have an insatiable appetite for drama, revel information « negative ». They often speak of an indictment, much less a dismissal. Continuous disclosure chains have fallen into the trap of days in length to offer the yellow anger by seeking the most unfortunate of roundabouts unhappy, depict the actual suffering, flayed the companies middle braziers. And we know, there is nothing more contagious than anger.

When anger becomes a virtue

The yellow vest angry is necessarily in the right. If he is angry that he has suffered an injustice. If it breaks, is that sulfur. If he plunders, is that he hurt his wallets. The choleric is the one who rises against oppression, it is nice the David that stands against the evil Goliath, he is Robin Hood fighting against the Sheriff of Nottingham. The angry becomes a justície

An antidote to populism? The role of the media.

The media here any role. They must seek to remove the populist mechanics. How to expose the imposture? The four-point program:

  1. breaking the simplistic Manichean vision of society that is not divided into two homogeneous blocks: there is also sensible elites and people of unsavory people;
  2. avoid feeding the chatterbox that starts as soon as one takes into loops on channels info ideas three simplistic ideas of populist;
  3. avoid excessive dramatization by speaking regularly, as this will: for example, the French are cared for and educated (among others) for free; 57% of the budget of the France goes into the social benefit; 10% of the richest are paying 70% tax; the gap between the richest and the poorest in France is the lowest in OECD countries …
  4. track and unmount fake news.

In conclusion

The history showed us. In times of crisis, human nature easily yield to populist sirens, they are extreme right (fascist Italy, Nazi Germany) or left (Soviet Union of Lenin, Mao’s China, Pol Pot of Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba). What she also showed us is that it always ends badl