Spinoza and secularism

Deus sive natura. Spinoza (1632-1677) shatters the dominant theology of the time (and ours), which means that nature has been created for man by a higher being that resembles it (anthropomorphic). Yet Spinoza is not an atheist. God is cited repeatedly in ethics. But he is merged with nature (Deus sive natura).   God and... Lire la suite →


Hitler and Mussolini

Hitler and Mussolini It is striking to note the strange similarity between the path of nationalism of cousins between the wars, the brothers of totalitarianism, pioneers in the art of handling the crowds that were Hitler and Mussolini. Hitler and Mussolini Both began their careers at the extreme left of the political spectrum : German... Lire la suite →

Map Islam expansion(spread)

This map shows the maximum expansion of Islam under Muhammad, the Umayyads and Abbasids. Muhammad in the seventh century control the Arabian Peninsula. The first four caliphs do out of its natural borders, pushing eastward to Persia and westward into Libya via Egypt. The Umayyads reach Afghanistan and North Africa and Spain. They stopped at... Lire la suite →


secret agreements Sikes-Picot 1916 Sykes-Picot 1916 - 2017 2017... London and Paris do they reap in Iraq and Syria fruits they have sown ... in 1916? In 1916, France and England had their eyes turned elsewhere: toward east, toward Germany of Bismarck and William II (Kaiser) which threatened at any moment to break their lines... Lire la suite →

Brief history of trigonometry

Trigonometry ... a mystery to most of us. The word comes from the Greek. "Gone" is the angle, as in polygon. The "tri" is the triangle. Metron is the art of measuring. The tri-gono-metry is the art of measuring the angles in the triangle. The history of trigonometry Star map In the earliest times, when... Lire la suite →

Dead see scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls Dead see scrolls show that the New Testament is plagiarism. We are at the dawn of spring 1947, close to the rocky shores of the Dead Sea. We are at Qumran, not far from Jerusalem, about ten kilometers from Jericho, the city with the impregnable walls that collapsed yet, more than 3000... Lire la suite →

I read for you Candide (Voltaire)

Voltaire Candid. A classic, which can be read like an adventure story, very useful when trying to introduce children to literature ... Voltaire, of course, is part of the philosophers of the Enlightenment (as opposed to the dark philosophy of previous centuries, dominated by the Catholic scholastic). He was not an atheist but a deist:... Lire la suite →

Brief biography of Pierre de Fermat

Pierre Fermat Pierre Fermat 1600. We are still under the reign of good King Henry IV. Whoever became Catholic to the throne of the most Christian nations of Europe, France, has just succeeded to extinguish, for a time, the embers of religious wars that bloodied France. The Edict of Nantes is registered in all the... Lire la suite →

I read for you prayer to God VOLTAIRE

It is not to men that I speak; it's you, God of all beings, of all worlds and of all time. Voltaire - Prayer to God. As we shall see, and contrary to what he announces in the preamble, VOLTAIRE talk to men, denouncing, ironically, the different religious practices that have drawn for millennia, men... Lire la suite →

I read for you Germinal (Emile Zola)

Germinal Claude Berri GERMINAL is part of the Rougon-Macquart cycle, inaugurated by Zola in Assommoir. This cycle is an opportunity to paint a picture of the Second Empire (1851-1870) and the Third Republic, its successor since  1871. Why GERMINAL? This is a reference, of course, to the revolutionary calendar, as we are here in full... Lire la suite →

I read for you the 1984 George Orwell

I read for you the 1984 George Orwell Written in 1948 by George Orwell, 1984 denounced the totalitarianism of the twentieth century. Using the form of the black novel, George Orwell described OCEANIA, an imaginary totalitarian society, which has built and surpassed the tools of oppression invented by his illustrious elders that were Nazism and... Lire la suite →

Montaigne About cannibals

Montaigne was born in 1533 into a noble Catholic family of Gascogne. France then entered the Renaissance and Francis the first reigned from 1515. The Lutheran Reformation (Protestantism) threatened royal authority, based on the Catholic Church: the first Protestant persecution began in 1520. They degenerated into civil war, which reached its peak in 1572, on... Lire la suite →

What is Hamas ?

In the sadly usual context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the rocket rain HAMAS batter the skulls of innocent Israeli civilians, in retaliation for Tsahal missiles whose aim is to silence those damned batteries. What is Hamas ? A story of 1500 years ... At the time, David (later King of the Jews and father of... Lire la suite →

What is Wahhabism ?

The Saudi Arabia is the main responsible for the diffusion of the dark side of Islam : Wahhabism. But Arabia is not alone. Westerners, foremost among them the United States, for simplicity, by interest miscalculated, also have their share of responsibility... What is Wahhabism ? Today sitting on a hoard of 2,000 billion, Saudi Arabia... Lire la suite →

A map of Islam

Map of the "expansion of Islam Shiites Iran, the great power Shiite supports the Iraqi government (Shia), but Bashar al-Assad, an Alawite (a branch of Shiism ) and the Houthi rebellion in Yemen. North Lebanon and the southern Syrian rampant Hezbollah militia Shiite who fights alongside the same Assad, against DAESH (Sunnism tends Wahhabi )... Lire la suite →

Time-line of Islam

To try to see more clearly in the many ramifications of the crooked tree of Islam ... HD: tree of Islam   Chronological Tree of IslamWe notice that the main trunk planted by Muhammad in the seventh century divides early into two main branches: that of the Shiites , who do not recognize as legitimate... Lire la suite →

Brief summary (critical) of the Old Testament

The Old Testament is the religious reference for the three great monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). It is for several billion people, the work of God and the only source of law. It is therefore a major text that shaped human society. Brief summary critique of the Old Testament But the Old Testament is... Lire la suite →


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