Time-line of Islam

To try to see more clearly in the many ramifications of the crooked tree of Islam ... HD: tree of Islam   Chronological Tree of IslamWe notice that the main trunk planted by Muhammad in the seventh century divides early into two main branches: that of the Shiites , who do not recognize as legitimate... Lire la suite →



A brief history of time (Edition 1996 ) Stephen HAWKING, after years of research in mathematics and cosmology, Stephen HAWKING has decided to present the state of knowledge of cosmology and physics. His book became, upon its release in 1988, a best-seller. Surprising for a work on themes, a priori, reserved for scientific elites.  ... Lire la suite →

Brief summary (critical) of the Old Testament

The Old Testament is the religious reference for the three great monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). It is for several billion people, the work of God and the only source of law. It is therefore a major text that shaped human society. Brief summary critique of the Old Testament But the Old Testament is... Lire la suite →

Sade and Sex

The divine Marquis (1740-1814) de Sade was a child of the Enlightenment, a champion of atheism as was the Baron d'Holbach We find indeed in his work a few flashes that would not have disowned a Robespierre, a Saint-Just or Marat I ask you now if it is just the law that instructs one who... Lire la suite →

The Armenian Genocide and its denial by Turkey

On April 24, 1915- Constantinople (Istanbul) On the orders of the Turkish authorities, then allied with "Germany, Armenian elite of the Ottoman capital, suspected of complicity with the Russian enemy, was massacred : 600 deads. The Armenian Genocide and its denial by Turkey April 24, 2015, the centennial of the Armenian Genocide April 24, 1915... Lire la suite →

I read for you MEIN KAMPF d’Adolf HITLER

Warning - Mein Kampf, of course, is a reprehensible book in many ways. It is particularly based on the most primitive instincts of the human being to build a political program based on racial preference. But must, however, prohibit its publication, reading? I am among those who argue for a negative answer to this question... Lire la suite →

A brief history of life

A short story of life Understanding the origin of life is much more than a scientific adventure. Understanding the origin of life, it is up (part of) the veil that slyly hides its meaning. Why are we here ? Are we here by chance, as argued by Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Nietzsche, Laplace, Darwin... Lire la suite →

Brief abstract of the French Revolution

Since Clovis (481) and the advent of the monarchy by divine right, the French bass conditions had accepted the concept of voluntary servitude, well described by the Boétie in his famous speech. This fact was based on a fool's bargain: the Third Estate , representing the overwhelming majority of the population, brought the other two... Lire la suite →

A brief abstract of french history

Brief summary of the history of France Contrary to popular belief, our ancestors are not Gaulish, but Celtic (senior men etymologically). They come from central Europe. The territory then is a mosaic of peoples (Arverni (Auvergne), Helvetii (in Switzerland), Eduens (in the Jura), Senons (around the Seine), Carnutes (in Britain), only the language links (and... Lire la suite →

The new revelations of archeology Documentary directed by Thierry Ragobert and Isy Morgenstern with the holdings of the archaeologist Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman historian.

This documentary tackles the sensitive issue of biblical archeology. It highlights that the story told in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, that of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Solomon, was never confirmed by the numerous excavations since the early twentieth century Palestine . The Bible revealed Israel Finkelstein By pointing the many anachronisms, historical... Lire la suite →

The three enigmas of Greek mathematicians

It was in Greece that mathematics were invented. "Invented"? This shortcut seems to neglect the Babylonian scholars, Indian and Egyptian who had preceded them. "Invented" because it was our Greek friends who first had the aim of the demonstration. Their ancestors' constataient "properties, the Greeks showed them. proof of the Pythagorean Theorem The three enigmas... Lire la suite →

A Mathematics timeline

Prehistory The first tangible signs of accounting. appear in forms of carved notches. Antiquity 3500 BC -  The mathematics are becoming essential to the administration of the first cities (Ur, Akkad, ...) of Mesopotamia. The use of clay tablets are spreading to burn compatibility cuneiform (wedge-shaped). We discover the number Pi and gives a first... Lire la suite →

Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

Pure original Islam Mohammed was born with it 1500 years ago, then was carried with his four successors (Caliphs). The suite is more complicated, the branches of the tree being increased, including through common Sunnis and Shiites , each claiming legitimacy authenticity of the Abbasids to the Ottomans, through the Umayyads. Today, he is plural... Lire la suite →

A brief history of Mesopotamia

According to the course of Professor Kenneth W.HARL Africa has given birth to humanity. But it's Mesopotamia who entered in history. It is indeed in Mesopotamia that appeared writing, livestock, agriculture, the first planned cities and their administration, the first monarchies, the first dynasties, the first temples and the first wars too. Before the Islamic... Lire la suite →


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